• 🔮 The Future of the Antiuniversity ⁂ 21 Oct 2023

    After many years of co-organising the Antiuniversity, the current crew is ready to hand over this wonderful, radical, wayward baby project. We will be hosting an outreach event to meet those interested in helping out and explain how the festival is currently organised.

  • 📕 Collectivising feminist publishing-> Slow + Dirty Press ⁂ 02 Oct 2023

    📜 Join us in our utopian dreaming for a brainstorming session on DIY publishing and what it could look like to set up a feminist press free from submission processes, top-down editing or formatting pressures, instead founded on resource sharing, mutual support, companionship, comadreo, transmission, circulation, political alliances, multi-disciplinarity and collectivised knowledge.

  • ✊ Feminist graphics over the years ⁂ 20 Mar 2023

    A selection of feminist graphics (2021-2023):
    Commisioned by Women’s Strike UK for International Women’s Strike (8M) and for the queer + feminist climate bloc during the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

  • 🎨 WTF is School of the Damned? A Zine Making Workshop @Conway Hall, Antiuniversity 2022, London ⁂ 11 Sep 2022

    School of the Damned (SotD) is an arts and educational platform. Re-forming on an annual basis, each cohort has the opportunity to define the agenda and produce work and events individually and collectively. SotD was formed in 2014 as a reaction to the increasing financialisation of Higher Education in the UK. SotD has no tuition fees, is student led and peer supported. We use our collective resources and networks to make the things we want to happen, happen.

  • 🤖 Building A Website ⁂ 09 May 2021

    I built this website using jekyll: a static site generator that allows you to host your site on GitHub. It was through helping build the new antiuniversity website that I got more into the diy web world. At the time, I got my head around website structures/folders using Small Victories (doesn’t exist anymore ☹) and then neocities.