Strange Encounters in the Cultural Sector A May Day Game with Designers + Cultural Workers (UVW)


Join us for a day of resource sharing - game playing - Wikipedia page editing.

Our May Day game will take you on a virtual journey into the cultural sector from a worker’s perspective. It’s a multiple choice game so don’t hesitate to explore, go through it over and over, and get the full experience. We’re hoping you’ll eventually land on our Wikipedia edit-a-thon, or our sharing pad!

This is a drop in event, join at any time of the day! There are other cool events we wouldn’t want to overlap on.

click here from 10 am tomorrow <— you can still play the game!

➤About DCW:

UVW’s Designers + Cultural Workers (UVW-DCW) is a cross-sector trade union organising isolated and groups of workers across the creative industries.

Many of us are precarious, overworked and underpaid. We are made to compete against each other for jobs with no disclosed salaries, bad management and terrible conditions.

As UVW-DCW, we educate members about our rights at work, secure legal representation for workers, and organise and campaign to transform our industry in the interest of its workers.

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𓇗 01 May 2020 𓇗