School of the Damned (SotD) is an arts and educational platform. Re-forming on an annual basis, each cohort has the opportunity to define the agenda and produce work and events individually and collectively. SotD was formed in 2014 as a reaction to the increasing financialisation of Higher Education in the UK. SotD has no tuition fees, is student led and peer supported. We use our collective resources and networks to make the things we want to happen, happen.

Class of 2022-23 is composed of over a hundred students divided into four groups. All the members are scattered across the UK, but also through Europe and the rest of the world. Some of us meet once a week, others once a month, some of us meet online, some of us meet in person and some of us haven’t even met yet. It’s all up for grabs, everything’s possible really or REALLY???

Let’s meet to chat ‘alternative’ arts education, dare we say ‘radical’ arts education…whatever School of the Damned is, has been, could be. The discussion isn’t limited to SotD and is open to all other experiences you might have or want to have outside of the arts unis. We will bring materials to brainstorm and invite you to join us as we draw and collect all that DIY data. 👹 Feel free to bring your own, any resources, tools or books you like and would like to use as well!


We are a collective that can be many things, and that is still in many ways developing as a group. A collective who predominantly tries to work through labor and skill exchanges as a way to exist, build and share, and who has for main intention wide community building, as well as anti-capitalist ideals, inclusivity and accessibility. A collective who strive to defy AND nurture.

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